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 How the Best Invest - Mallika Paulraj - Manuscript

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Advance Praise already received:

"I learned more by reading 'How the Best Invest' than in 25 years of muddling through by speaking with dozens of experts, professionals, and academics.  And I laughed out loud as I went!"- Dhiraj Mukherjee, Cofounder of Shazam bought by Apple

"Mallika has succeeded in writing a delightfully accessible, easy-to-understand book while covering a tremendous amount of ground. If you are looking to invest like the best investors in the world, this book will show you how. Very highly recommended!"- John Mihaljevic, CFA, Chairman, MOI Global

“How the Best Invest” is a brilliant exposition of the epistemology of investing and investors.  It deftly distinguishes between what we know, what we think we know, and what we merely profess to believe rather than admit to our own ignorance.   It is a strongly flavorful distillation of modern investing practices made accessible to the individual investor.  - Dan diBartolomeo, President and Owner, Northfield Information Services, Inc

The beauty of Mallika's book lies in putting the investor in the center of the action. Investing itself does not change much in time. It remains the same. The secret of mastering it lies in the knowledge of oneself and in the study of investment giants. This is Mallika's path, and we readers follow her, too.   - Daniel Gladiš, Founder of Vltava Fund

Mallika has impeccable academic credentials and could have written a book full of advanced financial maths. Instead she has the humility to give investors the tools they need to make their own way. Well done!’ -Dominic Fisher OBE, Director, Thistledown Investment Management Ltd

Mallika's book needed to be written. In a sea of investing fog and confusion, Mallika provides the reader with a lighthouse for how to organize your financial life and make superior, rational decisions. How the Best Invest lifts the weight from the shoulders of all of those who are stressed by the myriad of financial choices facing them. A must read.  – Gary Mishuris, CFA , Managing Partner and CIO, Silver Ring Value Partners

"I have spent a couple of decades developing a circle of competence around one asset class (equities), focused in one geography (USA) for one simple reason: investing is very hard. If you don't focus on accumulating relevant knowledge and design a structured process for your day-to-day activities, you will fail. It is extremely refreshing to see someone, with the experience and outstanding analytical skill as Malika, saying something similar. Investors that have assets to protect - and hopefully grow - will benefit immensely by using the mental models and frameworks provided by this book. The investing journey is long, arduous and full of pitfalls: Malika will help you reach the other side." - Danilo Santiago, Founding Partner at Rational Investment Methodology

Mallika, a deeply quantitative computer programmer, stumbled into the investing world in the late 90s and has written about her experience investing and advising about it. The difference to other investment books is that it condenses 2 decades of investment experience in 9 chapters including asset allocation, behavioural biases, checklists mixed with her fun and casual life wisdom. A must-read fast forward to the investing start line with a compass to know where to run to! - Christian Freischütz,  Value School (