Happy New Year and my 3 words

Happy New 2019!

“Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.” - Warren Buffett.

With the Trump shutdown, Brexit on the brink and Modi weirding out investors in India, it’s probably not yet the time to be greedy.

Don’t be fearful of the markets. Action absorbs anxiety. Here are two things to help you be less nervous.

  1. My favourite market explainer of all time, Ray Dalio, has written a reasonably short explanation of where we are at in the economic cycle. Just read it all the way through without getting distracted by his links. It should take you about 15 minutes.

  2. Cash is king, but gold is a good hedge against market plunges. After a mini research project into gold ETFs last year, I’m still a fan of physical gold, but it’s hard to store. I came across this elegant solution by the Royal Mint. You buy their gold coins and gold bars, and they store it for you in South Wales, away from the banking and trading hub in London. International investors are welcome as far as I can see. It looks like you could get started with a £10,000 purchase.

My three  words

A few years ago as an alternative to numerous failed new year resolutions, I started this three-word practice learnt from Chris Brogan. He begins the year with a ritual of choosing 3 words to navigate the year by and looking at them daily.

Here are my three words for 2019.


With a chaotic entrepreneurial life and young children, my days can get out of control. Alas, they usually do. I’ve found planning rigidly for the week on Sunday and then daily every evening helps reign things in (when I stick to it). Through many trials and mostly errors I’ve found the combination of the  90 Day Year system, Google calendar and the Leuchtturm paper diary. This year my planner colour is “Berry”.


I tend towards feast and famine with my writing and outreach activities. Mostly famine. This year I’m aiming to do tiny bits every day instead of grand plans and dedicated days as an attempt to achieve consistency.


There are 168 hours in every week, and I tend to plan 1,168 hours of activity. This year I’m trying to go for “enough”. Although 2018 feels like a disaster regarding productivity and life goals, I did get my book to 38,000 words, blogged 3-4 times a month and found a few clients. The kids and dog were fed, bathed, schooled and kept alive. Well, the dog didn’t go to school and refuses to bathe, but you get the point. I’ve also caved in and decided instead of failing at my reading goals. It’s better to read the summary then not read the book at all. I bought a Blinkist subscription. It’s an app that summarises hundreds of books. I used this discount code (no affiliation).



Ways I can help you in 2019 (in person or via webcam).

  • Seminar: “Investing with Confidence - Learning the Right Questions to Ask Before You Invest”. It lasts about 90 minutes.

  • Group classes. Good for investing clubs, friends or couples who want to learn the fundamentals of long-term investing.

  • 1:1 coaching. Usually six sessions, but could be more or less.

Contact mallika@fourminuteinvesting.com