A report from London Fashion Week

This week it’s all champagne and coconut water here in Mayfair. We’ve been invaded.

Mayfair on weekdays is usually the home of a thousand and one investment managers and related businesses. We are not a very colourful or attention grabbing bunch.

For a week every September however, we become the epicentre of London Fashion Week. The mood changes with taxis ferrying models and designers doused in perfume, feathers and silks (the high heels mean they can’t walk).

My favourite Fashion Week memory is from a few years ago. As I rounded a corner on Berkeley Square (just outside the old Annabel’s for you locals), I found myself suddenly staring down what seemed like a hundred paparazzi pointing cameras at me. Their intent attention lasted only about half a second.

They realised I was a nobody and the cameras promptly went down. I’m still wondering what gave it away. The flat shoes? The never-was-in-fashion handbag? The full-fat hot chocolate in my hand?

As out of synch as the investing world and the fashion worlds seem outwardly, we actually have a fundamental principle in common. In order to sell our products we bring out a new collection every season.

Fashion designers change colours, take hems up and down and tweak handbag shapes.

Investment firms also need to keep up with trends. We create products based on the latest hot technologies and societal trends.

Is your portfolio fashionable enough? Do you own cryptocurrency, cannabis and artificial intelligence? Green energy, digital wallets and gene editing? Every trendy investment collection participating in Investing AW18  (for you fashion neophytes that stands for Autumn Winter 2018 collection) should have some!

So should you invest in the latest hot investing trends? Will you miss out? Will your friends not want to be seen with you?

Like all sartorial decisions, only let your investment portfolio wear what suits you. And don’t go overboard with the feathers.