two easy books

No one listens to me. Not the children, and definitely not the dog. I was very surprised therefore to hear that someone had taken my advice and was reading a book I suggested to them. On a sunny Sunday no less!

Here’s pictorial proof that the parents of Patti - the most cosseted Cocker Spaniel in London - are reading the Bogle bible I prescribed.

Image (1).jpg

Here are 2 books that I’ve suggested to non-finance people recently that I’ve received positive feedback on. It’s really hard for those of us working inside the investment beast to see what those outside find enjoyable and understandable.

1.John Bogle of Vanguard has updated his book on long term investing and an indepth look at indexing and fees. A quick read.

The Little Book of Common Sense Investing: The Only Way to Guarantee Your Fair Share of Stock Market Return UK US

2. Robert Hagstrom of “The Warren Buffett Way” fame and an actual portfolio manager practitioner at Legg Mason has written about how studying subjects outside of finance and economics, helps us become better investors. A good gift for that teenager hell bent on art school!

Investing: The Last Liberal Art UK US