Fake Diwali

Thanks to the schools in London pushing multicultural values, I’m stuck with even more work this week. My daughters have discovered their Indian roots and are insisting I host a Diwali party for their classmates.

I left India as a teenager, nearly three decades ago, so I’m hardly the Diwali expert. Also, I come from a Indian Christian (not Hindu) family. So it’s shop bought samosas, chai from a mix and tea lights instead of proper diyas. Some bindis, rangoli and sparklers bought off Amazon and hey presto we have what I call a Fake Diwali party. My ancestors must be turning in their graves. Or rather whirring in their ashes?

Diwali is the festival of the return to light. A festival of hope. The wise ancient Indians timed the festival just as the days get long and gloomy.

This week in London also marks Armstice Day. Exactly one hundred years since the end of World War 1. The Tower of London is remembering with thousands of lights. How appropriate. Maybe all that Indian immigration is influencing the British?

Why should we investors care?

Long term financial investment is what eventually brings peace and rebuilds countries. Some friends are off to Rwanda for Christmas break. To me the country conjures a bloody tribal mess, but apparently some brave investors have started hotels and tourist companies and it’s turned into a very good place to go for a holiday. My children will probably associate Rwanda with a fabulous holiday, but my brain will always associate it with horrific images.

Despite the modern trench warfare lines of Brexit, economic interdependence between Britain, Germany and France have meant that the citizens of the countries can work together in peace in cross border corporations that are operationally seamless.

Indian companies such as Tata motors now own iconic British brands like Jaguar and Land Rover. Some of the biggest hedge funds investing in India are British created and run from London.

So look out for the light in your investing life. You may eventually see some sparks. Maybe even fireworks.

Happy Diwali!