No good investing idea goes unpunished

I’ve had to do actual work this week. Instead of blogging/ blagging about investing I’ve found myself entrenched in annual reports and financial statements - real deal investment analysis.

A year ago I was fortunate enough to be be asked to present an investment idea at the premier watering hole for value investors - the MOI Global investing summit. I fearfully accepted as it seemed stupid to give up the chance to have my picture up in internet lights with some of my investing heroes.

They asked for my best investing idea. I’m sure they meant best “performing”, but I immediately started looking for the best “looking” idea. Something that would impress my fellow investors who would all see it and my analysis. Unfortunately for me, they liked the idea, so I was invited to present again this week for the 2018 summit. No good investing idea goes unpunished so I found myself spending hours digging for the “right” idea.

Professional investors are scrutinised heavily for their decisions. There are investment committee hoops to jump through. Clients see their picks and if you’re a big name, many people will follow your share price triumphs and tragedies. Whenever I’ve presented an idea in public I become very self conscious and over-identify with the idea. I am being judged and I feel judged and it skews how I think and choose an investment idea.

If you have a portfolio that only you (and perhaps a spouse and/ or accountant) know the holdings of, that gives you a superpower over professional investors. You can do what you want without feeling like you’re being assessed publically for it.

Here’s another superpower individual investors have over the professionals.

Back to the investing trenches!