Good information turned bad...

The end of a crazy month preparing for my first investing conference speech has kept me away from blogging.

Here's a picture of me in action in Italy last week delivering my talk entitled “Silicon Valley Secrets for Value Investors” which tries to make the case for structured data in research.


I was proud to be the first female speaker at Europe’s longest running value investing event! On the back of my "talk” I’ve been invited to present at one of the ideas conferences surrounding Warren Buffett’s annual meeting for Berkshire Hathaway.

It’s actually cheered me up post Brexit which has been a very painful situation to be in, to watch the UK political system fall on its face with no clear path in sight.

Going into Brexit I was sure I had good information. I knew a couple of investment funds looking at the polling figures and chatted with politicos who were apparently in the know. We were all shocked on the Friday morning when things turned out the opposite of what we had predicted.

Good information gone very bad. A good time to be diversified and defensive in investing.

Ever since I took a value investing approach to managing money, I’m much more sanguine about market ups and downs and although I’ve been sad for the mess the UK is in, I’ve been calm about the markets.