More doom than boom

I don’t have a coherent post this week. With the markets in turmoil I’ve been putting together a list of things to think about for investors including buying an ETF that goes up when the S&P goes down (NYSE:SPDN). Complex pros and cons to this and I’ve also been looking at indicators I’ve discussed before in my Boom & Doom posts.

The Indian grannies gathering interest at 6.5% (the Reserve Bank of India rate) in their savings accounts suddenly look like geniuses compared to their wheeler dealer grandkids. The Indian markets are down about 12% since August. 

I’m happy to chat to any readers on the phone about my findings. If there is enough interest I could put together a webinar.



Celestial Navigation

I was at a family wedding this weekend. A number of my relatives flew into London for the occasion. At the dinner I ended up sitting next to one of my uncles who served in the education department of the Indian Navy for his entire career. He is eighty this year and complaining that the college he teaches at keeps dragging him back each year as they can’t find anyone else to teach his subject. 

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